United Nations Sessions

General Assembly,77th Session, New York

During the 77th session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York, Il Cenacolo had the honor of being able to participate in the Fourth Committee of Former Colony Countries. The topic covered by our NGO was the military conscription of the very young Saharawis by the Polisario Front, aided by the passive attitude of the Host Country, despite constant complaints from the active human rights community. 

Children and young people, ranging in age from 5 to 15 years old, are being taken away from their families daily, deprived of the affection of their loved ones, of the carefreeness that distinguishes childhood. The possibility for these young people to learn about the world and form their own critical consciousness is excluded since they undergo strong ideological indoctrination, marked by hatred and violence, accompanied by censorship about news about the “outside world.” The International Criminal Court has called the conscription of minors a war crime and as such is prohibited by the law of international law. 

The gravity of the situation is reflected in the rampant ignorance of European countries on the issue: Tindouf hides behind the specious identity of a “refugee camp,” where instead a wide variety of crimes against life are being committed. The little information about living conditions in the camp comes mainly from the victims themselves of the Polisario regime because, due to censorship, obtaining it otherwise is impossible.

For more than 20 years “Il Cenacolo” has been denouncing the atrocities committed by the Polisario

Front against the Saharawi population in the Tindouf’s camps. Our commitment

to the cause stems, first and foremost, from the trust we place in an evolution of the international

order towards an even greater favour for the protection of human rights. The United Nations is the

prime mover behind numerous conventions, including the UN Convention on Civil and Political

Rights, showing a keen interest in states not exercising their sovereignty in a tyrannical manner.

Our organisation has been working for 20 years to make a difference in territories where human

rights are constantly violated, in parts of the world ignored for reasons of purely economic interest.

Life, liberty, health are rights that in 2023 cannot be linked to opportunities that can be quantified in

monetary terms, but it is up to the conscience of all of us, to intervene in the name

of human dignity and the sense of solidarity that inspires Modern States.

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